Health Update

The health, safety and security of our students and staff are our highest priorities.  We take very seriously our role in the protection of our most precious people.  It is my hope that you believe in our commitment to your child and the well-being of all in our school community.

The recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Corornavirus have made for difficult decisions on the national, state and local level.  While there is an abundance of information available, guidance and direction have been limited.  With that being the case, we are left with trying to make the best decision possible, in areas that are not part of our expertise.

After conferring with state officials, county superintendents and analyzing the best data available at this time, we will institute the following:

    The Department of Education (PDE) announced today that all schools in the commonwealth will remain closed indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 response efforts.

  • During the this time, the buildings are being thoroughly cleaned and then closed. For those essential people who are needed to clean and secure the buildings during that time, extra protocols will be in place to ensure contamination does not occur.
  • No school events of any kind will occur.They will be postponed when possible or cancelled if that is the only other option.
  • At this time, the makeup of school days will occur through the utilization of makeup days at the spring recess holiday with the exception of 4/10 and 4/13.Additional days will be added to the end of the school year.This is subject to change should the Department of Education provide relief in some way.

During the this time, we highly recommend that students do not regularly leave their home, travel or place themselves in situations that promote the transmission of the virus.  We ask that everyone follows the rules established for social distancing and the hygiene efforts that have been in place for some time.

Please know that this decision does not come without knowledge of the disruption this causes for our students, staff and families.  It has not been taken lightly.  We recognize the burden this places on families.  We are also saddened with the possible opportunities that are lost because of the closure.  It is only because of the possible health risks to so many that this decision is being made.  None of us want to be the one whose child is sick or whose grandparent becomes gravely ill.  Mitigating the number infected is our main goal.

In a best case, the virus begins to fade, effects very few and we return to classes soon.  The worst-case scenario has played out across the world.  We hope to reduce that likelihood.


Dr. Shawn Fitzpatrick

Superintendent, Schuylkill Haven Area School District